About The Divine Default

The Divine Default is an exploration into our tendency to attribute unexplained phenomena to God and why we as a species continue to justify resorting to this easy way out rather than confronting reality.

Armed with both historical and contemporary evidence, sets out to debunk many of the most common religious assertions from the power of prayer to the seemingly inseparable bond between religion and morality. In so doing, he presents a persuasive case as to why the clash between faith and reason is not just irrational, but potentially deadly for mankind.

When discussing indoctrination, morality, 'intelligent design', and the plausibility of Biblical events, he presents his findings in simple lay terms that are logical, concise, and persuasive. This easy-to-read assessment of religion is a challenge to the faithful and offers effective ammunition for skeptics.

takes commonly-asserted religious claims and applies each of them to modern-day examples to demonstrate the often fallacious nature of religious belief. He uses a mixture of common sense and scrupulous logic to mount an attack on not only religion itself but also upon the religious pseudo-scientists who try to justify their assertions with faulty science.