~~ Haiti ~~

~~ Haiti ~~

If we look at the devastating earthquake that ravaged the people of Haiti in January of 2010, 3.5 million people were affected of which an estimated 316,000 people died30 and 300,000+ were injured. The 7.0 magnitude left nearly one million people homeless31 and rendered much of the surrounding infrastructure destroyed or severely limited. Hospitals along with emergency and communication services in the capital city of Port-au-Prince were decimated. The quake spared neither the rich nor the poor. 80% of the population is estimated to be Roman Catholic so the faithful suffered the same as everyone else. Morgue facilities in the city were so overwhelmed that government workers had to solemnly load thousands of bodies into trucks for deposit into mass graves. In the settlement of Titanyen, dump trucks carried the dead to impersonal and undignified mass burials. The stench of death hung in the air amid Haiti's normal heat and humidity while bodies literally piled up outside the morgues.

- If God is All-Powerful and All-Knowing but not All-Good, then we could justify the suffering because He simply doesn't care.

- If God is All-Knowing and All-Good but not All-Powerful, then we could justify the suffering because He was powerless to stop it.

- If God is All-Good and All-Powerful but not All-Knowing, then we could justify the suffering because He was clueless and had no idea that it was going to happen.

Regardless of how we choose to explain God's involvement in the earthquake, or lack thereof, the end result is still the same. A large number of people died and suffered and God did nothing to prevent it.